Shadow Foundry innovates and invests in revolutionary technologies.


Shadow Foundry provides high-level technical expertise to Web3 projects. For deep-tech startups, we help you with pre-seed funding: “get off the ground” money that happens at the idea stage, often before you have incorporated. For non-profit and humanitarian organizations, we help you design, build, and deploy transformative technologies.

We are an activist firm and prefer to work intensively with every team in our portfolio. As such, we currently choose to limit our focus to just a handful of core projects each year. We believe the most promising ventures are substantially improved with our quality time and attention, and so we do not entertain ideas that are not fundamentally disruptive.

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Shadow Foundry’s mission is to change the world by de-risking revolutionary technologies. As part of that commitment, Shadow Foundry allocates a substantial portion of its portfolio towards capturing supererogatory asymmetry, a special situation where risk/reward calculations approach complex infinity. As a result, our portfolio may reflect an asset diversity uncorrelated with any other venture, technology, or investment firm.



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We work with teams of any size and budget, including solo founders and activists.